Chester Lake


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Trip Date: 
Saturday, January 26, 2008
Elevation Gain (m): 
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Trip Report

Trip Report

A fun, quick trip into Chester Lake and above the Elephant rocks when the skiing wasn't looking too good or too safe anywhere else.

Wietse skis up the trail.
Lots of snow up by the lake.
The small stream running down from the lake is still flowing. Mount Chester looms in the background.
Wietse is poised and ready to rock and roll (so to speak) off the top of the Elephant Rocks!
He rocked and rolled all right!! :-)
Elephant Rocks in black and white.
Wietse coming up a rock-hard snow drift below Galatea Pass.
De-skinning for a run down.
The (fun) tree skiing route that we took to get back to Chester Lake. It was fun right Wietse?
The same stream as before but now it's sunny.
Awesome winter meadows near the lake.
Part of Mount Chester in black and white.
One last look at the lake area before ducking into the trees for a fun ride down to the parking lot.

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