Yukness, Mount


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Saturday, September 30, 2006
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Mostly hiking and easy scrambling with some very loose terrain and minor exposure along the summit ridge. Only attempt if dry.

Trip Report

On Saturday, September 30 2006, Sonny, Wietse and I hooked up to scramble Mount Yukness in Yoho National Park. The timing was impeccable. Not only was the weather absolutely fantastic and the larches out in fall glory but it also just happened to be the very last day of the season that the bus was going to leave late enough (18:30) for us to use it! We also timed our arrival at the parking lot perfectly because we actually managed to get on an 08:30 bus.


After the 20 minute bus ride (best 15 bucks I've spent in a while!) we arrived at the busy environs of the Lake O'Hare region. I was kind of surprised / disappointed by the amount of development but my disappointment soon vanished once we started up the West Opabin trail. For the rest of the day the views only got better with each step to the summit. The scrambling was fantastic on this little mountain. From easy trails to more difficult near the summit it was a good mix and thoroughly enjoyable.


[The morning started off quite cool but that didn't hurt the views at Lake O'Hara.]

[Wietse starts up a steeper section of trail to the Opabin Plateau.]

[Gorgeous terrain and fall colors as we hike the Opabin Plateau with Biddle looming above on the right.]

[The Moor Lakes with Hungabee on the left and Biddle on the right.]

[Looking back over Moor Lakes towards Wiwaxy's double summits and Huber looming on the right.]

[Hungabee Lake with Cathedral, Wiwaxy and Huber (L to R).]

[Telephoto of Cathedral Mountain over Hungabee Lake.]

[Gaining height above Hungabee Lake just before ascending Yukness. Odaray, Stephen, Cathedral and Wiwaxy in the background.]

[Biddle seen from the shores of Opabin Lake just before ascending Yukness.]


We were a bit surprised with how well the trail was marked - there were more cairns on this trail than I think I've ever seen! We had no route finding issues at all until we were less than 100 vertical meters from the summit. We actually traversed too far under the summit ridge. Basically once you run out of cairns, backtrack until you get to a cairn and then go up from there! About half way up that gully, look to your right and traverse one gully to climber's right - again you should be following cairns. If you don't traverse right you will encounter some difficult and exposed climbing and if you're like Sonny you'll knock rocks on your partner! ;-) Sonny and Wietse took the hard route while I happily took the 'right' one (pun intended).


Once at the summit we were treated to some unbelievable views. Included in our summit panorama were Huber, Victoria, Lefroy, Glacier, Ringrose, Biddle, the Goodsir Towers, Odaray, Stephen, Cathedral Mountain and Crags, Niles, Balfour...!


[Looking down at our approach trail from the lower slopes of Yukness.]

[A clear trail in the scree up Yukness' SW face.]

[A beautiful fall day as Wietse and Sonny follow me up with Biddle and Opabin Pass in the bg.]

[Colorful rock and larches in front of Odaray.]

[Summit panorama including (L to R), Odaray, Stephen, Cathedral, Wiwaxy, Huber, Victoria, Lefroy. ++]

[Summit pano of Biddle and Schaffer (C) with Little and Big Odaray on the right. ++]

[Sonny and Wietse comes up to the summit with Wiwaxy, Huber and Victoria in the bg.]

[A great shot of Schaffer (L) and Odaray (R) with the All Souls Prospect trail clearly visible left of center in the scree slope coming off Schaffer.]

[Sonny and Wietse join me on the summit.]

[Cathedral Mountain is beautiful and one of my favorite alpine climbs in the area.]


Since the scrambling was so much fun and we had so much time left until our bus ride back, we decided to bag every high point on the whole mountain. We went back down from the summit and traversed over to the col. On the way we bagged a nice 'nub' - actually pictured in Kane's route description. From the col we went back up to the Southwest summit and enjoyed the same views as before from a slightly different point of view.


[Loose, steep terrain while traversing the two summits of Yukness.]

[Gorgeous waters of Lake Oesa.]

[Looking down the terrain we had to descend between the summits - Opabin Lake far below us here.]

[Looking over the Opabin Plateau as we traverse the summits.]

[The terrain is easy scrambling, but loose and somewhat exposed in sections.]

[Looking back along a section of ridge (note the cairn) at Ringrose (L) and Hungabee (R) looming many hundreds of vertical meters above.]

[Sonny on the traverse.]

[Looking back over Opabin Plateau at Biddle and Deltaform (R) and lower Hungabee (L).]

[Stephen (L) and Cathedral (R) from the north summit of Yukness.]

[Another great view of Cathedral over Wiwaxy Peaks.]

[Mount Stephen's summit shack is just visible.]

[Mount Balfour looms over Niles on the far right.]

[Mount Owen is a beautiful peak.]

[Even Sir Donald is visible!]

[Group shot.]

[Sonny poses on an interesting rock pinnacle.]

[Traversing under the impressive summit of Hungabee.]

[The summit ridge is very enjoyable scrambling.]

[Sonny poses on the north summit with Glacier, Ringrose and Hungabee in the bg.]

[Vern on the north summit of Yukness.]

[Looking over the Wiwaxy / Huber col towards Niles, Balfour and Daly (R) over Sherbrooke Lake.]


We had no issues on the descent. All-in-all a very enjoyable and relaxing day out with lots of time for discussions and pictures. This is a highly recommended outing!


[Descending ledges under Hungabee.]

[Taking a break.]

[The hike back to Lake O'Hara.]

[The locals don't really trust us...]

[I much prefer seeing these majestic animals in a natural setting than in a zoo.]

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