Worthington, Mount


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Thursday, September 7, 2006
Summit Elevation (m): 
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Worthington is an easy hike from McHarg - only attempt if dry.

Trip Report

Rod, Jon and I scrambled Mount McHarg and Worthington as part of our Northover Ridge backpacking trip in September 2006. We first ascended Sarrail Mountain before camping at Aster Lake. The following day we ascended Warrior MountainCordonnier and Mount Northover. On the third day we got up early and continued up and across Northover Ridge before descending into the Three Isle Creek valley towards Three Isle Lake. On the way we decided to bag McHarg and Worthington.


After slogging up to the summit of McHarg, we turned our sights towards Worthington, just to the east. And I mean just to the east! I haven't done two summits this close before - but they are the requisite 100 meters of elevation between them and are official summits so I'll take it. Other than some slick snow patches, we didn't have any issues descending McHarg and ascending to the summit of Mount Worthington.


[Looking back at Rod descending under the summit of McHarg on his way to Worthington.]

[Jon takes the final few steps to the summit of Worthington with Three Isle Lake far below and Mount Putnik right of center.]


From the summit we could see our objective for the next day - the rarely ascended Mount Putnik. It looked to be another nasty scree slog (and it was)! After spending a few minutes on the summit it was time to head back down to our packs and continue on to our camp at Three Isle.


[Rod ascends along the summit ridge of Worthington with McHarg at far right and the Royal Group in the distance.]

[Summit shot on Worthington.]

[Rod and Jon leaving the summit of Worthington.]

[One more shot looking over McHarg (R) towards the always impressive Royal Group which includes, Princess Mary, Prince George, King George, Prince Albert, Prince John, Prince Henry and Queen Mary (L to R).]

[Rod and Jon descend Worthington's south end.]

[Our heavy backpacks are back on! Heading down to the main trail to Three Isle Lake.]

[At least it's not too bushy.]

[The east face of Mount Worthington - we ascending easy slopes oos to the left but there are moderate scrambling routes right up this face too.]

[Hiking along the shoreline of the lovely Three Isle Lake with Putnik rising to the left in the bg.]

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