Wedge Mountain (Crowsnest)


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Saturday, September 11, 2010
Summit Elevation (m): 
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Steep hiking on loose scree, some light bushwhacking and route finding.

Trip Report

On Saturday, September 11 2010 I climbed to my 260th summit with my 9 year old son, Niko. The fact that we got to do this short scramble together as part of a special father-son weekend makes this a peak that I'll remember for a long time. What else can I say? It's short, steep and loose. You get to enjoy the sounds of gunshots and ATV's and you get to enjoy the sight of recent logging too! On a more serious note, you do get great views of the Crowsnest Pass area including full-on shots of Crowsnest Mountain.


I followed the directions as outlined in a local pamphlet we picked up on "hikes in the Crowsnest Pass" at the Frank Slide visitor information center. A bit clearer: Take a right turn (heading west) from Hwy #3 onto 61st on the west end of Coleman. Take an immediate right turn onto 22ave and then another immediate left onto 23ave. 23 ave turns north, follow this for about 2km or so. You'll eventually come into a clearing after crossing a cattle gate. It's a large, obvious clearing. Park almost immediately upon entering this clearing. Wedge Mountain has been the obvious peak to your right. (We parked at N49 39 21, W114 32 6)


The easiest thing to do is go to a Google map for Coleman before your trip and scope it out. Wedge Mountain is at N49 40 8, W114 31 32.


[After parking on the south end of the open camping area, simply walk down the logging road heading east. You'll cross this stream almost right away (200m from parking).]

[It's very loose and there's trails scattered all over the place. Pick one. :-)]

[The views range from bland to great.]

[The main reason to do this scramble is for the views of Crowsnest Mountain.]

[Views west aren't bad if you can ignore the fresh logging activity...]

[Ahhh. Love this mountain!]

[We have to go there!]

[Niko comes up the ridge behind me.]

[Crowsnest Mountain.]

[Niko on the summit of Wedge Mountain with Coleman behind him.]

[Vern and Niko on the summit of Wedge Mountain.]

[Summit panorama looking north, east and south. ++]

[Another great view of Crowsnest Mountain.]

[Summit marker with Niko.]

[We are forever marked!]

[The town of Coleman lies to the south east.]

[Coming down is tricky for short legs!]

[Can you tell it's windy? :D]

[Learning to scramble effectively!]

[Near the bottom of the ridge.]

[Learning to bushwhack (from a master)!]

[There is a fresh logging road near the bottom of the ridge that you have to go over. Niko asked a very good question here. "What's the cattle guard for if they can just go around it Dad?" The logging company should hire my son for his logic skills... ;-)]

[Heading back to the car. Satisfied with another peak!]

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