Tecumseh, Mount


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Saturday, September 4, 2004
Summit Elevation (m): 
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Moderate scrambling with loose terrain and some exposure depending on the route chosen. Only attempt when dry.

Trip Report

Tecumseh doesn't seem like a very popular mountain. It hasn't seen a whole lot of ascents over the past few years and I really don't know why. I found it to be quite enjoyable. Of course that could be because we had such nice weather on it compared to the other mountains. We walked up the access road (well most of the way on the right road - don't ask).


Rather then walking, I would definitely recommend biking up that darn road. It's not so bad on the way up but on the way back you will be hurting - and swearing. There is also an alternate approach from the BC side of hwy 3 that allows you to drive much closer to the base of Tecumseh before putting boots to ground.


The ascent up the creek bad is awesome. There is lots of cool scenery to distract you from the elevation gain and the time flies by till you get above the stream and the big boulder field at the top of it. I would recommend going right up along the stream coming down from the left where Kane mentions a sharp left. We went up the drainage on the right hand side and ended up doing a lot of unnecessary side sloping which I personally don't find very cool.


The stream from the road. Trust me. BIKE the road - do not WALK it. 
[The stream from the road. Trust me. Bike or drive the approach road - do not walk it unless you want to be punished or something.]

Traversing scree slopes on the way up - not much fun but it worked! 
[Traversing scree slopes on the way up - not much fun but it worked.]

Looking back at the fun stream part on the way up. 
[Looking back at the fun stream section on the way up. Peaks in the distance include Sentry, Parrish, Chinook and others.]


The summit ridge is no problem and the views are nice. There is also a massive wind break on the top which always comes in handy in the Crowsnest Pass area!


The ridge to the summit of Mount Tecumseh is fun. 
[The ridge to the summit of Mount Tecumseh is fun.]

The summit of Mount Tecumseh - nicest weather we had all week. 
[The summit of Mount Tecumseh - enjoying the nicest weather we had all week.]

Jon descending off the summit ridge of Mount Tecumseh. 
[Jon descending off the summit ridge of Mount Tecumseh with Phillipps Peak in the background. It looks hard from this angle, but apparently it is possible to combine Tecumseh and Phillipps into one two-peak day.]

Jon going down Mount Tecumseh's lower scree slopes 
[Jon going down Mount Tecumseh's scree slopes.]

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