Sparrowhawk, Mount


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Tuesday, September 3, 2002
Summit Elevation (m): 
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No difficulties - this is a hike with some very easy scrambling opportunities if you look hard for them. A nice alternate descent has some route-finding.

Trip Report

Mount Sparrowhawk was my first mountain 'nemesis'. It's funny looking back, because now I realize it's only a fairly easy hike that can be done in under 5 hours round trip. When I first tackled Sparrowhawk I only had some easy hikes under my belt. The "Kane highways" weren't as standard yet and the mountain felt big, remote and foreboding as we struggled up through her forested western flanks. 


I spent a few years trying to summit this elusive peak. :) Finally in late September 2002 Steve, Jon and I scrambled up the long steep flanks of Sparrowhawk and came out onto the peak tired but happy to finally stand on her summit.


[Views from near the summit block]

We are on the final push to the summit. Memorial Lakes are quite a bit below us.
[We are on the final push to the summit. The Memorial Lakes valley is quite a bit below us here. There is a scramble route up from Memorial Lakes but it's much longer than from the Spray Lakes side.]

[Summit - finally!! ;)]


Due to our familiarity with the mountain and the different routes by the time we finally summitted, we took an alternate descent down the south, past the eastern cliffs of Read's Tower. Later I realized we could have combined the two summits, but oh well. This alternate descent is a beautiful way to complete a slightly longer day with new scenery on descent. There are some minor cliff bands in the drainage that must be avoided, but they're obvious and should cause no trouble.


[Descending, taking a break under Read's Tower.]

[Descending under Read's Tower.]

[A beautiful fall day on descent.]

[Another break on descent, in the stream between Read's Tower and Bogart.]

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