Ptarmigan Peak


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Monday, September 5, 2005
Summit Elevation (m): 
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This is an easy scramble from Hidden Lake. With snow, it can be skied but this will put you in severe avalanche terrain.

Trip Report
Ptarmigan Peak was the second peak of the day for Jon and I on September 5th 2005. Earlier we had climbed Mount Richardson and now we found ourselves plodding up the scree slopes of Ptarmigan from Hidden Lake. We didn't see any of the mountain's namesake but we did see lots of bear sign on the lower, grassy slopes!

[Ptarmigan's upper ascent slope from lower down on Richardson]

[Looking back at Mount Redoubt from the ascent slopes on Ptarmigan. Ptarmigan Lake / Boulder Pass just visible at middle left and Hidden Lake at lower left.]
Ptarmigan is an easy scramble and other than a very short bit at the top it is a mere slog up scree slopes that don't seem to end quickly enough. The fun occurs right at the top where you briefly have a bit of a ridge to contend with and some slight exposure - nothing to worry about if you're a Rockies scrambler though.
[A pano from part way up Ptarmigan. ++]

[Vern and Jon on the summit]
[A wonderful summit panorama showing the clearing sky and amazing Skoki area from Fossil on the left to Brachiopod and Anthozoan to Heather Ridge to Redoubt. Lakes include Baker (L) and Redoubt (R). ++]

[Lake Louise with the impressive Mount Victoria looming over it.]

[Looking down on Zigadenus and Myosotis Lakes from the summit]

[Looking over Baker Lake towards the impressive Mount Douglas, St. Bride and Lychnis (L to R).]

[Back at the Hidden Lake camp with our impressive supplies laid out. No wonder my huge pack was so darn heavy!! LOL.]
Note, if you're coming to Ptarmigan from Pika I think it is possible to cut up to Ptarmigan from the Pika side-slope before coming all the way down to the meadows. Consult your map and look carefully at the slopes before hand.

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