St. Piran, Mount


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Saturday, August 19, 2006
Summit Elevation (m): 
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Difficult exposed scrambling on Mount Whyte, moderate to easy everywhere else. This was a three peak traverse from Whyte to Niblock to Piran.

Trip Report

After scrambling up Mount Whyte and Mount Niblock it was time to descend back down the waterfall / headwall and back to the trail branching up on skier's left to the Niblock / Piran col. It was a little bit depressing having to lose all that height, but traversing higher up just didn't seem worth it either. I also thought a trail would be nice to follow, especially since I was feeling pretty tired at this point. The trail up to St. Piran from Lake Agnes is very steep, initially. With the sun beating down on my back the whole way up, I was certainly not running up! I was also very thankful that it was only 20 degrees and not 30.


[The curving lower cliffs of Mount Niblock show the way to Mount St. Piran. I descended much lower than this before starting up to the Niblock / Piran col.]


I finally made it up to the col and started up the last 250 vertical meters to the summit. There were no issues at all (aside from lacking energy) and I finally stumbled up onto the summit. After enjoying the views, I took some Advil and headed down the main trail back to Lake Agnes.


[A view down the ascent slope of Piran showing my route down the waterfall and back up to the Niblock / Piran col.]

[Looking up at the summit of Mount St. Piran from the same position as the last photo.]

[I've found these stones in 4 registers already this summer.]

[Vern on the summit of Mount St. Piran with Mount Whyte (L) and Niblock (R) in the background.]

[Mount Temple is showing up a little clearer in the afternoon.]

[A bigger view of Mounts Whyte and Niblock. ++]


I made good time back to the parking lot and got to the car 8 hours and 50 minutes after leaving that morning feeling very satisfied with my day. I would highly recommend doing these three summits in the order that I did. You are done the most difficult one the earliest which leaves you two more summits to relax and enjoy the views. The only problem is that after Mount Whyte everything else seems a little under-stated.


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