Pika Peak


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Tuesday, September 6, 2005
Summit Elevation (m): 
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A fall on the crux would severely injure or kill so take necessary precautions.

Trip Report
Jon and I woke up early on September 6 2005 to clear skies and started up the trail to Hidden Lake and the slopes of Pika Peak. Pika is the most difficult of the 'Kane' Skoki scrambles and we both wondered what we were in for! We were a bit stiff from scrambling Richardson and Ptarmigan the day before but after 20 minutes on the trail we were starting to warm up.

[A photo from Hidden Lake showing our approximate traverse route to the Richardson / Pika col]
Once we got to Hidden Lake we briefly considered going partly around the lake before heading up to Pika but quickly dismissed this notion because we didn't know if there was a path through the cliff bands between Ptarmigan and Pika. Good thing we made this choice! We chose the upper side slope between Ptarmigan and Pika and actually followed a faint trail most of the way. We stayed up high, near the base of the cliffs and it always seemed to work out. The scree was frozen solid which made some of the traverses interesting.

[Vern on the traverse to the Richardson / Pika col]
Eventually we made it to the Richardson / Pika col and started up the 'tough stuff'. It really wasn't that bad at all - I would rate it as moderate / difficult. Near the top it was quite exposed and with a light dusting of snow we had to be very careful but again nothing you wouldn't expect on a difficult scramble. The views were absolutely stunning in every direction under the clear morning skies and we stayed at the summit for an extra few minutes just soaking it all in.

[Vern at the Richardson / Pika col with the scramble route rising to the right.]

[Vern ascending the steep ridge on Pika from the Richardson / Pika col]

[Jon on the impressively exposed summit of Pika Peak with Hector behind him.]

[Vern reads the summit register]

[Gorgeous views across the Trans Canada towards Lake Louise and Mount Temple]
[A slightly wider view includes Deltaform, Hungabee, Lefroy and Victoria along with Allan, Temple, Saddle, Fairview, Piran, Whyte and Niblock! ++]

[Hector on the right with Balfour on the left.]

[I love this view of Bident and Quadra]
After a gorgeous half hour on the summit, it was time to head back to our camp at Hidden Lake, to pack up and move on to our Baker Lake camp site and scramble our next two objectives for the day, Anthozoan and Brachiopod mountains.

[Looking up at the difficult scrambling terrain - not too bad actually]

[Not such a bad descent from Richardson either - in clear conditions with crampons it would be easy.]

[Jon descends the crux terrain]

[Amazing views from the descent, near camp.]
My favorite Skoki scramble, I highly recommend Pika Peak.


Great trip report. Pika is my favorite scramble in the Skoki area. I did it on Sept 6, 2003 and had a perfect day on the summit.

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