Panorama Ridge


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Trip Date: 
Saturday, June 30, 2007
Summit Elevation (m): 
Summit Elevation (ft): 
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Quick 'n Easy Rating: 
Class 3 : you fall, you break your leg
Difficulty Notes: 

No major difficulties if scrambling the Kane route in dry conditions. With snow or ice this route will have severe avalanche exposure.

Trip Report

On Saturday, June 30 2007, I joined Sonny, Kelly, Jess, Frank, Jason and Raf for a fun trip up Panorama Ridge near the Consolation Lakes in the Moraine Lake area of Lake Louise in Banff National Park. The original idea to scramble Panorama Ridge was from Sonny and he was most interested in the traverse of the ridge as documented by Dow Williams on his web site. I was mostly only interested in bagging another 'Kane peak' so I decided right away that I would try to get both the ridge and the Tower of Babel while Sonny would do his traverse. Kelly was going to descend on her own and wait for us.


As the trip evolved, more people became interested until we had a nice group going. This made the relatively boring scramble a lot more pleasant. Don't get me wrong. The scenery is hard to beat on this trip! It's just that the actually scrambling is pretty much non-existent. I think Sonny had the right idea by going straight up the ridge instead of curling around to climbers right. It sounded like him and Kelly had some interesting scrambling once they started traversing over the ridge to the summit. Of course you don't even actually reach the highest point on the ridge unless you do the entire traverse - but you do accomplish the Kane route. You will also get wet feet if you decide to do this scramble while the water is high.


[Frank tries to dance across the outlet of Consolation Lakes. It didn't work.]

[The Consolation Lakes are spectacular. Bell, Bident and Quadra rise above from L to R.]

[Starting up the rubble slope with Tower of Babel at left and Temple in the distance.]

[Views over the lakes towards Bident, Quadra and Fay are already good from the lower ascent slopes.]

[The real grunt begins, thankfully the views are good! We're already higher than the Tower of Babel just left of center.]

[Mount Fay rises dramatically over Consolation Lakes.]

[Looking over our approach valley and Tower of Babel towards Eiffel Peak.]

[JW pushes up the scree slope with Fay in the background.]

[Nearing the ridge proper now, looking towards Consolation Pass.]

[On the ridge looking at JW approaching the summit above.]

[Incredible views of Bident (L) and Quadra (R).]

[Figures on the summit of Panorama Ridge.]

[Looking into the Valley of Ten Peaks.]

[Looking back along Panorama Ridge towards Mount Temple (L) and Hector (R). Note the small tarn at lower right. ++]

[Summit panorama looking south and west includes Bident, Quadra, Fay, Tuzo. Deltaform, Neptuak and Hungabee (L to R). ++]

[Looking east down the TCH on the left towards Copper, Pilot and Brett. Storm and Bell just right of center. ++]

[Tower of Babel is a tiny bump at bottom right with Eiffel, Deltaform and Hungabee in the distance.]

[Perren, Allen and Tuzo are part of the ten peaks in the Valley of Ten Peaks.]

[Mount Fay]

[JW chills with a sandwich at the summit.]

[Mount Hector is visible from a lot of peaks.]

[Two of the largest peaks near Skoki - Douglas on the left and St. Bride on the right.]

[Pilot Mountain catches some dramatic lighting.]

[Pulsatilla Mountain.]

[Stanley shows up beside Bell.]

[Raf at the summit.]

[Amazing view into the Consolation Lakes valley on descent.]


Because of the lateness of the day and the fact that so many people would have to wait for him, Sonny decided against doing the traverse. I'm sure he'll be back to do it though. Again - fabulous views for a small amount of effort but not the most exciting scrambling I've ever done! The company is what made this trip fun. For better scrambling I headed down before anyone else and managed to bag Tower of Babel in the same day - a highly recommended two peak day to make things a bit more interesting.


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