Niblock, Mount


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Saturday, August 19, 2006
Summit Elevation (m): 
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Difficult exposed scrambling on Mount Whyte, moderate to easy everywhere else. This was a three peak traverse from Whyte to Niblock to Piran.

Trip Report

There really is not much to say about Mount Niblock after scrambling Mount Whyte! ;-) Niblock is just an easy walk up, going climber's left around any difficulties. I just followed Kane's description and had no troubles at all. The views were just as smoky as from Mount Whyte and a bit less spectacular but still awesome. Without the smoke I would've been able to easily count summits from Field, Yoho, Banff and Louise.


[Niblock doesn't present any problems if you've already done Whyte!]

[Looking back at the col and Mount Whyte.]

[Vern on the summit of Mount Niblock - note the other scrambler coming up to the summit.]

[Panorama from the summit of Mount Niblock. From L to R, Little TempleSheolHaddoTempleAberdeen, Whyte, Lefroy, Victoria SouthVictoria North, Collier, Popes and Narao are visible. ++]

[Mount Temple shows up behind Haddo Peak, but barely through all the smoke.]

[Another great view towards Mount Victoria from Mount Niblock.]

[A closer look at Mount Lefroy over the shoulder of Mount Whyte.]

[Niles, Daly, Balfour and a host of other peaks barely show up through the haze of forest fire smoke.]

[Mount Stephen is just visible in this picture rising over Narao.]

[In the foreground is the shadowy cliff that you go up and down on climber's right.]

[The different colors of Lake Agnes and Lake Louise show what a glacier does for your water color. The Beehive sits above Lake Agnes.]


I took a break and signed the register (wet because of a crappy centennial container of course...) and headed back to the col for my third summit of the day, Mount St. Piran.


[Mount St. Piran shows up as I descend back down from the Niblock / Whyte col.]

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