McHarg, Mount


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Thursday, September 7, 2006
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McHarg can be anywhere from easy to moderate scrambling depending on route choice.

Trip Report

Rod, Jon and I scrambled Mount McHarg and Worthington as part of our Northover Ridge backpacking trip in September 2006. We first ascended Sarrail Mountain before camping at Aster Lake. The following day we ascended Warrior MountainCordonnier and Mount Northover. On the third day we got up early and continued up and across Northover Ridge before descending into the Three Isle Creek valley towards Three Isle Lake. On the way we decided to bag McHarg and Worthington.


[Our approach valley is far below Northover Ridge in this shot from the ridge. Three Isle Lake visible, our route up McHarg and Worthington starts at left about 3/4 way down this valley.]

[Jon makes his way down valley towards Three Isle Lake. We will descend a bit further before cutting to the left (west).]


Instead of losing any unnecessary elevation, we cut off the trail early and side-sloped on skiers left for the base of Mount Worthington. We really didn't have any idea where to head up or what the terrain would be like but we got lucky and managed a relatively painless traverse right around the base of an outlier between Defender Mountain and Worthington. We dropped the heavy packs on the lowest north slopes of the outlier and kept traversing west to Worthington's south flanks with our small day packs on.


[Rod comes up the rubble slopes to the col between Defender's outlier and Worthington, Three Isle Lake just visible in the bg and Putnik rising to the left of center.]

[Working our way up yet another rubble slope!]

[Jon finds a rock crevasse on the lower slope of Worthington.]


The going was slow but easy as we made our way up Worthington's south ridge and started heading climber's left for the ridge that we assumed would lead to McHarg. The only reason we went for McHarg first was that there was a ridge leading that way as opposed to a scree ramp leading up to Worthington on climber's right. We reached the summit of McHarg no problem and after trying (somewhat unsuccessfully) to take pictures of the royal group we traversed over to Worthington.


[Rod comes up the ridge to McHarg's summit with part of the Northover Ridge and Mount Northover's summit in the bg and of course Joffre looming over everything.]

[The Royal Group shows up through the thick smoke. From left to right, Princess Mary, Prince George, King George, Prince Albert, Prince Henry and possible Prince John just sneaking into the shot at far right.]


From the summit of McHarg we could see our next objective for the day, namely Mount Worthington. It looked to be a short scree slog - and it was! McHarg / Worthington turned out to be one of the easiest two summit grabs I've ever done.


[Summit view towards Worthington (our next peak) with Northover Ridge and the Joffre area peaks in the far distance. Rod is a tiny dot coming up to the summit from the right. ++]

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