Kerr, Mount


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Saturday, August 12, 2006
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Kerr is an easy scramble or hike from Kiwetinok Pass. The hard part is figuring out which summit to claim.

Trip Report

We didn't really feel like taking on Kerr but we knew that it was a better option than waiting till Sunday morning before the trek out to do it. The weather seemed to look a lot worse than it was and so with another threatening band of grey clouds heading right at us, we started traversing around the base of Mount Kerr.


I do not like Mount Kerr! After traversing around the base and breaking through the cliff's leading up to the false summit, we started heading climber's right to the summit that was in our view. Guess what? This is NOT the summit of Kerr!! In hindsight the route that we took up Kerr was actually more interesting than the scree slog it could have been if we stayed climber's left. We had an interesting time going through a field of massive boulders followed by giant stone ledges. By the time we got half way to our 'summit' we realized that Kerr was to climber's left and we had to lose some elevation to get to it! The elevation loss wasn't very much and soon we were heading up the final summit block of Kerr. By this time the dark clouds had reached us and it was snowing / sleeting pretty hard. We reached the giant cairn just as the clouds started to thin out and we were treated to some decent summit views once again.


[Bob climbs up to Mount Kerr on the traverse from Kiwetinok Pass. You can see Mount Pollinger and McArthur behind him.]

[Bob and Vern on the summit of Mount Kerr. The REAL SUMMIT this time.]

[Click to view a panorama from Mount Kerr. ++]


We looked for a register but the cairn was darn big and quite unstable I really didn't feel comfortable taking pieces of it out to look! We didn't bother signing anything. Looking over at the false summit we were both glad we chose the traverse over the down climb. It looked like the recent snow and rain would have made the descent from the false summit quite interesting. The way back down Kerr was fun and we enjoyed down climbing some moderate terrain before traversing back to Kiwetinok Pass.


[Bob starts the descent of Mount Kerr. The snow-covered bump just in front of him is where we headed first, before realizing our mistake.]

[As the clouds lift we are treated to wild scenery.]


[Kiwetinok Lake is the highest named lake in Canada. It's also quite probably the coldest.]


The trudge back to the hut was quick and painful but the glow of a very successful 4 summit day dulled the throbbing in our feet. Bob and I both agreed that it was a very memorable excursion and we both ranked it pretty high on our mountain experience list. The combination of difficult scrambling with lots of route finding and varied terrain made for a very interesting day out.


Hanneke was waiting back at the hut and was very generous in making us supper. Linda surprised us with her company after supper and following some good laughs and discussion we hit the sack and passed out rather quickly!


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