Gusty Peak


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Saturday, October 2, 2004
Summit Elevation (m): 
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Other than a heckuva scree slog, this peak is relatively benign scrambling.

Trip Report

After completing The Fortress it was time to grunt up the scree slopes of Gusty Peak in our (Dave Stephens and I) 2nd of 3 summits for the day. This was easily the worst scramble of the day. It wasn't difficult but the best to describe it would be "weary". We really weren't into it and it showed! Oh well. In the end we did make it and I guess that counts for something right?


On the ascent we stuck to the rocky rib between the highest scree ramp and the second-highest one. This was a good decision and resulted in less of a scree bash than otherwise. After what seemed like forever we summitted and after a quick bite to eat and some pictures we descended along the lowest scree ramp and came out on the ascent valley.


[Dave looks enthused to be going up Gusty!]

[This photo is really all you need to know about Gusty Peak. An endless scree slog... :)]

[Gorgeous views looking past Chester towards the Haig Icefield and Mount Sir Douglas.]

[A breakfast snack on ascent.]

[At the summit with The Fortress right next to us.]

[The mighty Mount Assiniboine rises over every other peak for 100 km in every direction! It would be another 8 years before I finally stood on her summit after gazing at it from many other, usually much lower, peaks.]

[Mount Galatea is one of my favorite scrambles in the Kananaskis Range.]

[Galatea, The Tower and Ribbon Peak (L to R).]

[Sparrowhawk, Wind Mountain and Mount Bogart (L to R).]

[Looking over Chester Mountain to Murray, French, Robertson and Sir Douglas. Joffre just showing at far left in the distant bg.]

[CEGFNS, Murray and French.]

[Dave and Vern on the summit of Gusty Peak.]


On the way down towards Chester Lake we spotted a pair of scramblers on the their way to The Fortress. How do I know they were going for The Fortress and not Gusty Peak? Because the lead guy was JP, a lawyer from Edmonton that I met on Mount Baldy earlier this year. He actually invited me along on his trip but I told him that I would most likely be on the way down by the time he got there! We yelled some quick greetings and then Dave and I continued down past a gorgeous Chester Lake to our bikes. After a wild 6 minute ride we were in the parking lot, thanking ourselves for taking the bikes!


[Heading back down to Chester Lake.]

[Looking back at The Fortress from our descent of Gusty Peak.]

[Beautiful environs of Chester Lake in the fall.]

[Chester Lake]

[Gorgeous blue waters of Chester Lake with bright larches make for a very nice hike.]

[One more shot of the lake as we pass it by.]

[Mount Sir Douglas and Robertson loom impressively over the Chester Lake meadows.]


Now it was time to bag our third summit of the day...

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