Fox, Mount


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Trip Date: 
Wednesday, September 2, 2009
Summit Elevation (m): 
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Class 4 : you fall, you are almost dead
Difficulty Notes: 

The crux / ridge is certainly 4th class. Very loose and exposed sections make for a difficult scramble.

Trip Report

Since I had scrambled Mounts PilotBrettBurstall and Storm over the previous 2 days I figured it was time for a short and easy mountain. I chose Mount Fox. Short? No. Easy? No. Ooops. Oh well. Fun? Yes!


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Hello Vern,

Your quote, "No other trip reports really mention the terrain after the pinnacle to the summit ridge and Kane simply calls it a 'scree bash' but I disliked this part - especially on the way down. Again, there is no room for error and the loose scree and slabby terrain conspire to throw you down the mountain with every step." in regards to the section between the pinnacles and the summit ridge proved to be right on the money for my ascent last Thursday.

On my way down, just beginning the top of that section, I placed my right hand for balance on a large rock that certainly looked stable but as soon as I took my step downwards, passing it, it rolled down on top of me. It hit me with such force right on my shoulder, triceps, ulnar nerve and forearm that my arm from just above the elbow to the tips of my fingers instantly went completely numb...only I could still feel intense pain. The numbness & pain combined had me pretty convinced that I'd broken my arm in at least 2 places and it wasn't for a good 2 minutes until I could verify that, fortunately, that wasn't the case, even though my arm's pretty ripped up, bruised & swollen from the limestone.

I really like the caution that you include in your TRs. I did pay attention to it but I guess that the scenery and heat of that day took my attention.

I can't imagine breaking an arm above all that 600m of difficult scrambling...

Keep writing these informative're doing a lot of people a lot of good.

Kind regards and yours in scrambling,


Wow Grant! That sounds very painful - I'm glad you made it out OK. Hopefully the arm heals quick and complete. I find the trend in general nowadays is to downplay the difficulties on scrambles. There's a lot of alpine climbers who consider even difficult scrambles, "easy" - and I understand where they're coming from but it doesn't help the vast majority of scramblers who are hikers advancing to the next level, not trad climbers out for a "hike". :) Glad you enjoy the TR's and find them useful. Thanks for your comment too - it's always good to get reminders like this to keep us all on our toes.

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