Fossil Mountain


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Tuesday, September 6, 2005
Summit Elevation (m): 
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Difficulty Notes: 

No difficulties - this one is a hike. When done in winter it can present significant avalanche dangers as evidenced by a memorial plaque at the summit.

Trip Report
After bagging Skoki Mountain it was time to go after our last objective for the day, namely Fossil Mountain. Be the end of day on Wednesday, September 6 2005 we had circled completely around Fossil Mountain, traversing Oyster Peak, climbing Skoki Mountain and then finally summiting Fossil herself. Not a bad day in the hills I would say!
Making our way up to Deception Pass from Skoki Lodge was actually quite a climb! We knew that we would be ascending about 200 meters but it was still more effort than we had counted on. Eventually we could see the pass and Jon and I cut off to the lower slopes of Fossil while Rod made his way to our camp at Baker Lake.
Jon and I were both starting to feel the effects of climbing well over 20,000 feet in the past 5 days (we had done Hawkins Horseshoe in Waterton Lakes National park on September 3rd) and we really dragged our butts up Fossil! This is not a hard mountain to scramble and was one of my least favorites in the Skoki area. That may be partly due to how tired I was feeling, I don't know. There were no technical bits of climbing, only an endless plod up scree to finally top out to another gorgeous Skoki panorama of summits that were becoming very familiar after only a few days! Now we could spot all the landmarks and the summits we had attained and just thinking about all the effort was tiring!

[Looking back down valley towards the Skoki Lodge from near Deception Pass]

[Lovely views from the ascent slopes on Fossil, looking south at Brachiopod]

[We were on Oyster Peak this morning - seems like days ago now!!]

[Looking at the smallest of the Red Deer Lakes with Mount Drummond in the background.]

[Even "easy" peaks can kill, in the wrong conditions...]
On our way back to camp we discussed how early we would have to pack up camp in order to get our last Kane summit in Skoki - Redoubt Mountain...

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