Edith North, Mount


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Friday, June 30, 2006
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This is a traverse of the mountain from the north to south peaks. There is some moderate to difficult scrambling when descending the south peak to the trail.

Trip Report

On Friday, June 30 I headed out early to scramble Mount Edith in Banff National Park. Originally I was supposed to be heading up Copper Mountain but a certain person who I won't name canceled on me. After Dave Stephens canceled on me (!), I was wondering what I should do and thought that Mount Edith was a good choice for a solo scramble.


For some reason quite a few people on the scrambling web board had already done this one but since it was on my 'list' for this year I thought I'd be totally unoriginal and give it a go - it sounded like fun and since it's so loose I planned to go early in order to avoid other people knocking stuff (i.e. pieces of mountain!) down on me.


I had to be back in Calgary on time so I purposely pushed myself a bit on this scramble. I was sweating about 5 minutes into it and was drenched soon after! The hiking trail to Cory Pass is very steep but well maintained and I made it to the pass in under 2 hours at a steady pace. I wanted to grab a bite to eat but the mosquitoes were so bad at the pass that I immediately headed up for the North summit of Edith instead.


[My first visitor of the day didn't want to share the trail!]

[The forest is magical in the morning light.]

[The trail up to the pass is clearly illuminated as seen from the pass.]

[Mount Louis and the North 'nub' of Mount Edith.]


The northwest crack sounded like fun so that's where I headed up. It's very narrow and soon I was swearing at my new SLR that was hanging from my neck and my backpack was getting stuck. My lens cap and lens shade fell off the camera as it swung into the rock and I watched them bounce down to the bottom of the crack. I finished climbing and then proceeded to go back down to retrieve the camera parts! Climbing that darn crack is a lot more fun without a pack! Without further incident I made it to the North Summit and after signing the virtual register and snapping a self-portrait I was descending to the center peak.


[A shoulder view of Mount Cory from the ascent of Edit's first peak.]

[The stupid NW crack that I lost my gear on. After climbing up it I left my pack and camera and climbed back down to get my stuff! It's more narrow than it looks! ;-)]

[You can see the trail up from the pass to the bottom of the first peak.]

[Above the ascent crack you can see the descent crack to the middle peak. First you have to go bag the North one though!]


[Vern on the North peak of Mount Edith.]

[Summit panorama from the north summit. ++]

[From the first peak you can see the middle and third.]


Overall I would have to say that Mount Edith kind of surprised me a little. The rock is VERY loose and crappy and I found that the scrambling was quite delicate until the most difficult peak - it was exposed but at least it was solid! After signing the real register on the center peak I looked for a way down to the third (South) Peak


[The north peak from the Center / North col.]

[A nice view of Mount Cory from the second peak of Mount Edith.]

[Vern on the summit of the center peak of Mount Edith.]

[Panorama from the center peak of Edith. ++]

[Mount Louis from the Center Peak of Mount Edith.]


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