Coleman, Mount


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Thursday, July 30, 2009
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A fall on the crux would severely injure or kill so take necessary precautions.

Trip Report

On Thursday, July 30 2009 I joined Eric Coulthard from Edmonton on a trip up Mount Coleman in Banff National Park. In order to facilitate an earlier arrival back home to Calgary after the scramble, we both stayed overnight near the trailhead and agreed to leave the parking lot around 0530. This was my first scramble with Eric and we proved to have much in common, including our love of the mountains and our method of ascent.


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Hi Vern,
Very nice account of your trip. Beautiful scenery. Wonderful photos.
I have hiked Kilimanjaro and Pico de Orizaba, and Pikes Peak. Rockies are very chalenging, I guess. I did Mount Temple , too.
All I want, if it's not too hard is to get to the Col, sometimes. Further ... sharp ridge and too chalenging, I think.
Thanks again, very clear and convincing trip report, congrats!
Ovidiu Lucaciu

You're welcome! This scramble is still a favorite of mine.

This report brings back good memories, nice photos too!! Myself and partner Syl followed this route except we started from Pinto Lake where we were camped with a party of hosers and fishers.

THEN, in the 1990s Syl and I together again for a WINTER ascent of Coleman. I think it was in early January, lots of deep snow of course so we skied from the highway [with skins up the trail to Sunset Pass, camped at the edge of the trees to get a head start on summit day - cutting off 500 meters altitude as noted above.
We skied up to the Col, enchanted with the idea of skiing down that open slope. We left our skis there at the Col and put crampons on the big boots. Summit experience much like the summer ascent from there on, except for the sparkling snow. I have a great photo of the ski down the col to the plateau, all sparkly and a lonely ski track.

I must be sounding snooty by now, sorry... but for the benefit of future summer season Coleman climbers - take a pair of basic leather gloves for the scramble on those rocks near the summit, it will save your hands. [i noticed that neither of these guys had them].

Good effort Kevin! Thanks for sharing the story and advice. 

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