Bauerman, Mount (Anderson-Bauerman Traverse)


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Sunday, June 21, 2009
Summit Elevation (m): 
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Total Distance (km): 
Difficulty Notes: 

Easy hiking and scrambling on grass / shale with some easy route finding.

Trip Report

After getting to the summit of Kootenai Brown Peak we only had one summit left for the day - Mount Bauerman. It looked like a long way from Kootenai but the map only indicated around 1.5-2km at the most. The ridge rising up to the summit looked easy enough, the most disheartening part was the big drop to the col in the trees first! There was quite a bit of snow lingering around the col, which actually made travel a lot easier through the thick and short trees. I simply followed some sheep tracks along the snow until the snow ran out.


There's a nice trail beaten into the scree from about the col to the summit of Bauerman. Near the top we heard a peel of thunder. I became a bit worried and stepped up my pace, getting Keith to quickly snap my picture I immediately headed back down the scree slopes on Bauerman's flanks towards the Blakiston Creek Trail. The scree is great, but it's short lived. After the scree run you get endless and very steep grass / scree slopes which are easily navigated but annoying on the knees.



[Bauerman as seen from Kootenai Brown Peak.]

[You enter a section of gnarled trees at the col between Kootenai Brown and Bauerman.]

[Keith and Anne-Marie come up Bauerman.]

[Vern on the summit of Mount Bauerman.]

[Wietse comes up to the summit - I heard some thunder at this point and bailed off the summit as fast as possible!]


We navigated off the grassy slopes and after a very short bushwhack we were standing on the trail. With over 8km left we started the long trudge back under a light rain. A fitting end to a great weekend of peak bagging in Waterton, the skies really opened up in the parking lot, just in time to go home to a hot shower!


[Steep grassy slopes lead down from the summit to the Blakiston Creek Trail.]

[I get welcomed warmly back home in Calgary!! I love my kids!]

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