Moose Mountain


Trip Details
Mountain Range: 
Mountain Subrange: 
Attained Summit?: 
Trip Date: 
Thursday, August 26, 2004
Summit Elevation (m): 
Summit Elevation (ft): 
Elevation Gain (m): 
Total Distance (km): 
Difficulty Notes: 

Mostly hiking and easy scrambling with some loose terrain and minor exposure to the top.

Trip Report

Niko's first summit! While Hanneke and KC were gone to Manitoba for a wedding, Niko and I hiked his first mountain on a nice sunny, warm 30 degree August Friday.


The hike to Moose Mountain is only marginally fun but that could be due to having a 35 pound kid on my back the whole way up (and down)!! I just don't really like long hikes along roads under a baking sun. The surface is too hard and I tend to get sore feet on it which makes me grumpy. The worst part by far on this particular 'road' hike is the 100m of elevation loss within the first 30 minutes of hiking. Trust me. In 30 degree heat you really notice this on the way back to your car - whether you're biking or walking!


The uninspiring hike does eventually become more and more interesting as you get nearer to Moose Mountains summit. You have an excellent view from the top and the fire lookout folks are very nice. We even managed to score some ice-cold water melon! I would recommend doing this classic hike once. I doubt you'll repeat it any time soon with so many other opportunities out there.


[Moose mountain seems a long way off at this point. Good thing I've already lost 100 meters of elevation!]

[The uninspiring road stretches out in front of me. Soon there'll be hordes of people on it.]

[The route is very obvious! There is some easy scrambling and slight exposure before reaching the top.]

[Made it!]

[Niko really doesn't like heights, so I have to hold him tightly on the heli-pad.]

[Enjoying a snack at his first summit.]

[Our names in the register.]

[A long, hot, dusty ramble back to the parking lot.]

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