Secretary-Treasurer, The


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Mountain Subrange: 
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Trip Date: 
Tuesday, July 5, 2005
Summit Elevation (m): 
Summit Elevation (ft): 
Elevation Gain (m): 
Total Distance (km): 
Difficulty Notes: 

Moderate to difficult scrambling on loose terrain and steep, hard moraines.

Trip Report

A group scramble weekend with Sonny, Dave, Bob, Dinah and Linda. Dave, Sonny and I walked into Stanley Mitchell hut on Friday morning and managed to negotiate steep snow slopes to Isolated's summit that afternoon. We just beat the rain back to the hut but Linda, Bob and Dinah weren't so lucky. They were soaked from head to toe from their hike and dripped their way into the hut late Friday afternoon.


On Saturday we were happy to see blue skies but by the time we summitted Mount Kerr (my second summit of this mountain - and LAST I might add. Update: NOPE - I did it a third time in 2006. Jeez.) we were in thick clouds and occasional sleet. On the way down Kerr it became obvious that Kiwetinok, Pollinger and McArthur would not be in season yet so we somersaulted off a cornice at Kiwetinok Pass and slowly made our way back to the hut. We ended up getting bored at the hut so we went 'nubbing' for something different! Basically we went for a walk on the Vice President's lateral moraine and wandered up loose, crappy terrain to a sub peak of the Vice President known as The Secretary-Treasurer. It was good exercise and offered some amazing views of the glacier on the way back down.


Bob and Dave nubbing it.
[Bob and Dave 'nubbing' it.]

Dave looks out over the rainbow from the nub.
[Dave looks out over the rainbow from the nub. (Which we found out later was a named summit).]

Linda on Barometer Peak.
[Linda on the minor summit with the Vice President looming in the background.]


I ended up getting bored again in the hut because of the noise level (there was lots of kids in the hut...) so I went nubbing again and bagged another moraine 'summit'. Quite useless from a peak baggers perspective but it gave me another 200 meters of height gain and some much needed peace!!

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