Iceline Trail, The (Stanley Mitchell ACC Hut, Little Yoho Valley)


Trip Details
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Mountain Subrange: 
Attained Summit?: 
Trip Date: 
Friday, August 11, 2006 to Sunday, August 13, 2006
Summit Elevation (m): 
Summit Elevation (ft): 
Elevation Gain (m): 
Total Distance (km): 
Difficulty Notes: 

Easy hiking and scrambling but with some exposure and loose rock. Big elevation gains and steep switchbacks with a backpack.

Trip Report

It all started with Linda Breton planning a group trip to the Stanley Mitchell hut in hopes of having a more successful outing than the group trip last year. In June 2005, Dave, Sonny and I summitted Isolated Peak and then the weather prevented us and the rest of the rmbooks group from getting anything more significant. We thought that we had bagged Mount Kerr but a year later we found out to our dismay that the map and guidebook description had led us to an outlier of Kerr - not the main summit! (It was worse for me because I'd already 'summitted' that false peak once before!!)



[Takakkaw Falls always impresses with it's power.]


As it turned out this year, due to bad weather and a full hut, only Bob, Hanneke (my wife) and I hiked into the hut in gloomy conditions on Friday, August 11. Bob was already at the hut when Hanneke and I arrived, and soon after we got there the skies opened up and the rain came down hard. After a lengthy philosophical discussion with Rebecca, Carl and Cohen from Montana and a brief hike up a local moraine with Hanneke to scout out the conditions (some fresh snow on all surrounding peaks but not too much) it was time for bed.


[Hanneke and I start up the Kiwetinok Pass trail to see some waterfalls.]

[After hiking for 2.5 hours and sitting in the hut, Hanneke and I explored some gentler waterfalls.]

[Carl and Cohen are on top of the moraine leading to the Secretary-Treasurer.]

[Mount Kerr looms above Hanneke and I as we tramp up and down a different moraine.]

[Carl and Cohen heading back down.]

[Hmmm. Can this be scrambled? Ask Linda...]

[Hanneke has lots of energy after a full day of hiking / exploring the upper Yoho valley.]


Saturday, Bob and I scrambled Kiwetinok, Pollinger, McArthur and Kerr in a four peak extravaganza.


Sunday morning dawned overcast but we set off down the Iceline Trail at a brisk pace. Soon there were sunny patches of sky, opening up the beautiful Yoho vista. Linda regaled us with her hopes of bagging a prominent Yoho outlier and soon Bob and I were glancing at that peak wondering if it was possible... ;-) Lunchtime was spent enjoying the incredible views from 'Tupperware Nub' and crossing 'Leather pants Stream' was interesting to say the least! We had a very pleasant stroll for the remainder of the trail and parted ways in the parking lot with promises of getting back together in the near future.


[Vern and Hanneke start the Iceline trail.]

[Dramatic views off the Iceline.]

[Bob chats about something while Hanna and Linda head off down the trail.]

[Don't try this at home! Mount Niles fits in this very creative cairn.]

[Wapta Mountain as seen from the Iceline.]

[Hanneke and Linda hike up 'Tupperware Nub'. This was a good lunch spot.]

[Hmmm. Ask Linda.]

[Mount Ogden and the Victoria group.]

[Mount Balfour starts to peak out from the clouds. Not for long though!]

[Two hikers are just visible on the trail (lower right).]

[Linda and Hanneke hike down the Iceline with Takkakkaw roaring in the background.]

[Colorful leaves remind us that fall is just around the corner.]

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