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I've been asked many times for a list of my top 10 hikes, backpacking trips, scrambles, climbs and so forth. I thought about it for a bit and decided that it would be best to separate my top 10 lists into several categories, so here goes. Please note that I will update these lists as I continue to find "better" options. ;) These are obviously very subjective and are rated as much based on the weather and mood I was in at the time, as the actual trip itself.


!!Attention!! explor8ion.com is being updated and trip reports migrated to a new site while this one is still operational. The new version of this trip report can be found at https://verndewit.com/explor8ions-top-ten-page/ and contains more photos in a modern format. For more information on this move and possible future changes please click here.



I can't stop staring at your photos. Thank you for sharing all of this. Amazing stuff as always.

Kudos on the incredible collection here... and amazing photography. This list has instantly become the new checklist.

I'm so happy I found this! We are making a list of hiking trails for our Dutch backpacking website https://backpackexplorer.nl and were looking for trails in Canada. This really inspired us. Also, your photos are amazing!

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