King Creek Ridge (Kiska tha Iyarhe)

On Saturday, June 15, 2013 I took my family up King Creek Ridge for a pleasant hike in beautiful spring weather. We followed a good trail right from the parking lot and had no issues other than the tiny moderate scrambling step just before the true summit of the ridge which Hanneke didn't bother with and Niko didn't really appreciate (but he did it!!).


Woodland Caribou Provincial Park 2005 - Garner Lake Entry

Update Major Wildfire Impact to WCPP - May 2016

The Boreal Forest requires fire to ensure it's survival and in May of 2016 there was a big one in Woodland Caribou! Selfishly, I am saddened that I will never again experience this western part of the park in the glorious old growth state it was in during our mid-2000's trips.