High Rock Range


Beehive Mountain

Once our original plans fell through for the weekend of September 7-9 (thanks to forest fire smoke), Phil Richards, Wietse Bijlsma and I had to think fast on Thursday night to come up with an alternate trip that still satisfied on some level. I remember years ago, Wietse telling me about a few peaks in this area including Beehive Mountain, Mount Lyall and Mount Gass.

Muir, Mount

After a nice, relaxing day spent ascending Mount Strachan before chilling at Carnarvon Lake, Kaycie and I woke up early on Monday morning to tackle Mount Muir and our highline traverse to Weary Creek Gap. The idea was to take full backpacks up and over Mount Muir and down towards Weary Creek Gap which would be our home for another night.

Ward, Mount

Mount Ward was an enjoyable scramble in the Crowsnest Pass area. It presented very few difficulties and was actually quite easy to find! Just remember that it's the logging road at the bottom of a very long hill to the left and you can't miss it. We actually walked all the way up the darn road but I would recommend taking a vehicle with some clearance or your bike.


Tecumseh, Mount

Tecumseh doesn't seem like a very popular mountain. It hasn't seen a whole lot of ascents over the past few years and I really don't know why. I found it to be quite enjoyable. Of course that could be because we had such nice weather on it compared to the other mountains. We walked up the access road (well most of the way on the right road - don't ask).


Allison, Mount

Allison Peak was probably one of the quickest summits I've ever stood on - a quick dash and stand and then back to Window Mountain! There was a line of thunderstorms moving towards us from the west and I am really freaked about rain / hail and lightening while being stuck on an exposed ridge so we even forgot to take pictures of this one.