Opinions Wanted!! Land Use Survey.


From a recent post on ClubTread I was made aware of a land use plan for basically the bottom 1/4 of the province of Alberta that we should all be voicing our opinions on, regardless of what we love about the great outdoors we have in Canada and Alberta. I don't know about you, but I want the government to preserve as much as possible for future generations so that they're not left to wonder why I sat on my butt when all I had to do was voice an opinion - something I find incredibly natural to my Dutch heritage... ;)

I am just as skeptical as most of you regarding the government and how much say we really have, but rather than sit on your tush and do absolutely nothing about the lands you love, why not fill out a simple online workbook that might contribute to (hopefully) hundreds of other online workbooks and actually make a difference in the real world? There are more online resources you may be interested in;

You have until January 15 2014 so make this a priority during your holiday season!

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