Healy Pass / The Ramparts


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Saturday, December 15, 2012
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Pretty easy ski tour that crosses one or two avalanche slide paths but it otherwise very benign.

Trip Report

On Saturday, December 15 2012, Wietse and I warmed up our back country skiing technique / muscles with a trip up to Healy Pass in Banff National Park.


There is nothing technical about this trip - simply push one ski in front of the other for 9 or 10 km to the pass and then enjoy a very low-angle ski back to the parking lot. I found the skiing through the trees a bit boring, but the views open up very nicely near the pass. I can see myself going back in the fall - there's a ton of larches around the pass area.


I would also have no problem doing this ski solo. There are a couple of slide paths near the beginning of the trail but you are across quite quickly.


[Ice climbers can be seen beneath this popular ice climb (Bourgeau Left) near the back country parking lot at Sunshine Village.]

[Gorgeous trail with tons of snow already in mid-December.]

[The meadows open up after about 6.5km from the parking lot. LOTS of larches start in this area.]

[Looking back at our tracks (we broke trail after reaching the meadows).]

[Wietse breaks trail towards the pass which is just left of center.]

[Heading for the pass. You can see how gentle the terrain is all around here. Perfect for a nice spring day or higher avy days.]

[Looking back as we near the pass. Sunshine ski area in the center and Wawa Ridge on the left in the far distance.]

[Wietse skis up to the pass. Mount Assiniboine just peeking out of clouds on upper right.]

[Telephoto of mighty Mount Assiniboine!]

[Goats Eye in the far distance on the left with Twin Cairns and Citadel Peak also in the far distance from the pass.]

[Looking over Healy Pass towards the Pharaoh Lakes and impressive peaks.]

[Lunch break just above the pass to climber's left. We were tempted to climb the peaks in the background but choose to save that for a warmer day!]

[Telephoto of the top of the lift on the left with the impressive view of Eagle Mountain on the left and Howard Douglas on the right.]

[Vern at Healy Pass.]

[Another view over towards Pharaoh Peaks.]

[Panorama from just above the pass looking towards Sunshine Meadows. ++]

[Healy Pass. ++]

[Ready to ski down - almost too gentle to generate any speed! But a beautiful day and a gorgeous area nonetheless. ++]

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