Whistable Peaks (Whistler Loop)


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Saturday, October 29, 2016
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Class 2 : you fall, you sprain your wrist
Difficulty Notes: 

No major difficulties for seasoned off trail scramblers. An easy, but loose and steep scramble from the creek to the summit of Table Top followed by a nice ridge walk to Whistable Peaks.

Trip Report

After leaving the summit of Table Top Peak, Wietse and I followed a delightful ridge towards the twin summits of Whistable Peaks. Dave McMurray named the more southerly of the twin peaks, "Eagle Peak" but Wietse and I politely decided to rename it due to a plethora of peaks already named after that majestic bird of prey. It took us a while to come up with "Whistable" but it seemed to fit the fact that the summits are pretty much the same height and located nicely between Table and Whistler Mountains.


[The elevation profile map for the Whistler Loop including the three summits and the lookout. It's sort of amusing that the only official peak is lower than any of the others++]


There were no technical challenges to make the twin summits, other than the necessary height losses and gains over and between them. One downclimb along the way was easy scrambling. We both took readings from each summit to see which was higher and I got higher readings on the first, while Wietse got higher readings on the second. Our altimeter readings were slightly higher than our map readings.


[Looking down a serrated ridge towards the first Whistable Peak. Gladstone is the rounded peak at center in the distance.]

[Looking back up the ridge towards Table Top.]

[Easy scrambling down the ridge crest.]

[Great ridge walking on a gorgeous late October day.]

[Looking up at the first peak.]

[Another view back to Table Top, showing the easy scrambling section which can likely be entirely avoided on the left.]

[A dry ridge makes for much more relaxing hiking compared to a week previous on Lys Ridge.]

[Looking up at the first summit on the left with Whistler and the Lookout just right of center.]

[Looking back at Table Top.]

[Wietse stands on top of a bump along the ridge.]

[Looking south (L), west (C) and north (R) from the first summit over the rest of our ridge walk and Whistler Mountain++]

[Looking east (L) and south (R) from the first summit over Table Top, Prairie Bluff, Gladstone, Larry, Frankie, Castle Peak and the second Whistable Peak at right. ++]

[Impressive views of Castle Peak.]

[Mount Gladstone.]

[Looking over Lys Ridge towards Jake Smith and Scarpe Mountain. Rainy Ridge at right.]

[Interesting rock patterns and colors are what make the Castle Wilderness such a great area to hike and scramble.]

[Hiking along the ridge to the second Whistable Peak.]

[More incredible rock color and scenery from the ridge.]

[Looking back at Whistable I.]

[Whistable II is very similar in height to Whistable I (L). Gladstone at center with Castle Peak to its right. The two prominent peaks in front of Castle are unofficially named "Larry" and "Frankie" by a certain infamous scrambles book author who really likes the Castle / Crown Wilderness... ++]

[It feels like summer in this view to the west along the rest of our ridge in the foreground and Lys Ridge at center distance. ++]


The views from each summit were similar and we enjoyed the light winds and warm sunshine before reluctantly deciding to continue on to Whistler Mountain. Ironically the only official peak of the day was buried in a clump of trees below us! We briefly considered bagging a couple of higher peaks to the south (i.e. Larry and Frankie) before deciding they were best saved for another day.


I love your name of Whitstable Peaks much better than my Eagle Peak - which is rather uninspired in comparison.

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