Resolute Mountain (Lioness)


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Sunday, July 7, 2013
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A long day trip involving easy to moderate scrambling depending largely on route choice and conditions. Expect bushwhacking and side hill traversing.

Trip Report

After summiting Lion Peak, it was time to traverse over to Lioness for our second summit of the day. I'll admit, I was very skeptical that this summit deserved a "summit" rating but I wasn't going to argue about it since it is an officially named peak. After doing the traverse I don't have a problem with it anymore... :)


The traverse isn't too technical or hard, but it is extra work on top of a large day just to get to the main Lion Peak. We dropped down west slopes and contoured around the impressive cliffs on the south face of Lion Peak before dropping the packs and walking up Lioness. The views kept improving as we traversed - we were happy that the forecasted clouds / rain weren't cropping up to ruin our views. We enjoyed a short summit stay before heading back down.


[Scrambling under the impressive cliffs on the south side of Lion Peak.]

[Ben descends to the Lion / Lioness col. We contoured Lion from the left.]

[Wilson shows up better from Lioness!]

[Pano from the col showing Lioness on the left and the summit block of Lion in part, on the right. Our approach valley in center. ++]

[Ben on Lioness.]

[A good view of Cirrus in the distance at center.]

[The far distant peak with snow could be Hangman Peak.]

[The clouds are lifting and we have good views of Murchison and its impressive towers just left of center.]

[Vern, on the summit of Lioness Peak with Lion and Cline in the background.]

[Forbes shows up.]

[Murchison towers over the North Saskatchewan River valley.]

[Pano looking north and east from the summit. ++]

[Looking towards Cline and the White Goat mountains. ++]

[Looking south and west. ++]


After a million summit photos we headed back. The descent was long but softer snow made things much easier in the upper valley and soft scree from the upper col worked well too. After traversing back along the summit block of Lion you can maintain your line straight across obvious open scree slopes to get back to the Cline / Lion col, rather than re-ascend to the base of Lion's false summit like some of insisted on... :)


I would highly recommend doing these summits in early summer to take advantage of excellent snow conditions in the upper hanging valley. It helps on ascent (avoids scree) and descent (quick and saves your knees!). Remember to bring crampons and ice ax if you plan on doing a snow ascent.


We found a better track along the creek on the way out and realized that even where the track pretty much vanishes, there should be blazes on trees and cairns built. Our round trip time of around 11 hours should be considered fairly quick since we didn't stop moving most of the day and we were going at a good pace. Many folks will take over 13 hours for this trip which makes sense given the distance, rough track and height gain. I LOVE these types of scrambles! Remote, great scenery and not many names in the summit register. What more could you want? Highly recommended.


[Heading back down to Lion.]

[Ben attempts a new rock route up Lion... He gave up pretty quickly :)]

[Looking back up at the false summit of Lion on descent of the broad ridge.]

[The scree run on the upper slopes beneath the Cline / Lion col is awesome - and fast!]

[An impressive view of the Whitegoat peaks from just above the Cline / Lion col - (L to R) Troll, Dasent and Gruff. ++]

[Snow made our descent of the upper valley quick and easy.]

[Descent tracks and Mount Cline.]

[Lovely scenery in the upper valley.]

[Bouldering options abound!]

[Wild strawberry]

[Descending the upper forest.]

[Jasmine of some type?]

[Back in more open forest again.]

[Thompson Creek is a mess!]

[Common Harebell]

[That's a LONG ways in there! From the parking spot Lion is just barely visible on the right of center.]

[Route on Google Earth to Lion]

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