Caudron Peak


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Trip Date: 
Saturday, November 5, 2016
Summit Elevation (m): 
Summit Elevation (ft): 
Elevation Gain (m): 
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Class 3 : you fall, you break your leg
Difficulty Notes: 

Access from the west involves getting permission from landowners. Some moderate terrain near the summit, but mostly hiking and easy scrambling.

Trip Report

As part of my long-planned trip up Centre Peak - the highest peak in the Livingstone Range - I always wanted to tag Caudron, it's southerly neighbor, in the same trip. It just seemed to make sense. Given how much work went into planning the route and getting permission from various landowners to drive and hike on their land, it made even more sense.


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Did you see those windmills from the top? A whole farm. And boy there is a lot of wind in that area it seems to feed them. It's odd that after asking you a few days back about my upcoming trips, I got towards the same peaks as you have. Talk about peaks we never heard before. I dragged my hiking buddy on the return from Waterton, exactly towards those peaks, kilometers after kilometers along the roads, checking peaks along the way from Google Earth, just to have us climb something for the day. Unfortunately the last one he was willing to go was the turn to along the road East of these two peaks lol. Of course we run into the private lands and that was the end of the story, it got too late. If we were to had continued further to the next turn, we would've had a chance for an attempt at Caudron. That lenticular cloud on Saturday evening you guys saw did not match the bad rain there was in the area south of it ( I've read a lenticular cloud means great weather). Interesting weather pattern.

Wow - what are the odds eh?

Great minds think alike :)

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