Bivy Ridge


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Trip Date: 
Thursday, July 30, 2015
Round Trip Time: 
Difficulty Notes: 

No difficulties - should be easy scrambling to the high point above the bivy site at Swan Pass.

Trip Report

After descending from the Brazeau Icefield and setting up our camp at Swan Pass, Ben and I decided that we were getting cold (that darn west wind again!) and so we would take a jaunt up a ridge just south of our camp which we dubbed "Bivy Ridge". We ascended so fast that we decided to keep traversing for a while and enjoyed the views over Swan Pass and back along our approach route. We also spotted yet another party of 3 coming to the bivy and after speaking with Rob again he confirmed that they were also going for Brazeau. This was a busy place! In a really frustrating twist, my bear spray that I'd left in 'our' bivy coral was missing! Someone had actually been up there in the two nights we spent camping on the glacier and taken my brand new spray and holster!! I wasn't too happy about that - but I guess I should have left a note. We didn't think it was that busy at Swan Pass!


[The delightful bivy at Swan Pass.]

[Ben takes a kick back on our way to "bivy ridge".]

[Our route up Henry MacLeod (north) and then along 'bivy ridge' (south).]

[Gazing back at the Brazeau Icefield at left and Swan Pass at center.]

[Swan Pass is below us here, just spot the mid at lower right and the other group's camp at lower center-right.]

[Great views of Mount Alberta from bivy ridge.]

[Looking towards Poboktan Mountain and Mount Smythe (R).]

[Mount Kitchener]

[I couldn't get over the view of the north face of Sunwapta Peak.]

[Ben keeps walking down bivy ridge, we hoped we could traverse the peak ahead and maybe summit it. This peak is unnamed.]

[The open valley we crossed on the approach with the braided North Fork of Poboktan Creek visible running through it.]

[Lovely hiking terrain]

[We turned around shortly after this point when we realized there was no easy or short way up any of the unnamed peaks via this ridge.]

[Great views over our approach valley and the Poboktan Creek valley in the far distance. Coronet on the right. ++]

[Poboktan Mountain is pretty high and has a glaciated summit.]

[Great views over Swan Pass show a number of lovely tarns begging to be explored. ++]

[A great view over Swan Pass towards Fortuna, Tyche, Moriah and Rebakah (L to R). ++]

[Our tiny bivy site at lower center-left.]

[Neat spines along bivy ridge]

[Great views of North TwinTwins TowerWoolleyDiadem and Alberta]

[Ben back near the summit of Bivy Ridge.]


Overall, Bivy Ridge is an easy scramble with very worthwhile views on a clear day.

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