OXO Peak (Puzzle)


Trip Details
Mountain Range: 
Mountain Subrange: 
Attained Summit?: 
Trip Date: 
Saturday, September 2, 2017
Summit Elevation (m): 
Summit Elevation (ft): 
Elevation Gain (m): 
Round Trip Time: 
Total Distance (km): 
Quick 'n Easy Rating: 
Class 4 : you fall, you are almost dead
Difficulty Notes: 

One of the most dangerous mountains I've ever climbed but a gorgeous approach. Loose, unprotectable and confusing upper mountain with natural terrain traps and gullies.


Trip Report

Important Disclaimer : I don't think I've ever put one of these on a trip report before and this should make you sit up and take note of it. I DO NOT RECOMMEND this peak. I debated even publishing a detailed trip report for it. You will read why I am discouraging you in the main report that follows, but please realize that there is a reason it's not in Nugara's latest guidebook despite the great views and awesome approach. This is a dangerously loose mountain that takes more than a few coins out of anyone's luck jar, who bothers attempting it. This is definitely not a group objective!


!!Attention!! explor8ion.com is being updated and trip reports migrated to a new site while this one is still operational. The new version of this trip report can be found at https://verndewit.com/2017/09/02/oxo-peak-puzzle/ and contains more photos in a modern format. For more information on this move and possible future changes please click here.



Hey Vern - this is a wild write up. I was just camping this weekend at the Mosquito Creek backcountry camp ground and only hiked the Molar Pass but have been so curious about all the interesting peaks in the area. Going up this peak is so interesting because you got such a unique view of Dolomite Peak and Cirque Peak and the entire Mosquito / Molar Valley. Tremendous trip....

Thx man, yeah it was a fantastic view for sure.

It was in the Canmore paper there was a big rockslide on this (can't find it online). Found this page trying to figure out where it was. Looks like your warning was dead on.

Yeah this darn mountain is falling apart for sure. I saw all the posts about the rock slide. Glad nobody was around when it went off.

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