Ochre Spring Peak


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Trip Date: 
Saturday, June 2, 2018
Summit Elevation (m): 
Summit Elevation (ft): 
Elevation Gain (m): 
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Class 1 : you fall, you're stupid
Difficulty Notes: 

An off-trail hike, barely a scramble at all. Some steep scree / dinner plate near the summit ridge.


Trip Report

Saturday, June 2 2018 was looking like a mixed bag of Spring weather. Phil and I decided to play it easy and get out for an "exercise day" - hopefully one with some great views. Phil had put Ochre Spring Peak on our list a while ago already, but I'd never paid it much attention until the Matt's (Hobbs and Clay) recently posted trip reports on it, demonstrating some pretty sweet views.. Phil agreed that this was likely the best time of year to do it and since it has a very short approach and easy slopes, having snow in the ascent gully would be perfect.


!!Attention!! explor8ion.com is being updated and trip reports migrated to a new site while this one is still operational. The new version of this trip report can be found at https://verndewit.com/2018/06/02/ochre-spring-peak/ and contains more photos in a modern format. For more information on this move and possible future changes please click here.



Hey Vern - how interesting that you decided to check this peak out as I was also mulling over taking a stab at it sometime this summer. Pretty cool area with some pretty cool vantage points.

How you doing, Vern, I've got inspired from your trip report yesterday to do this glorious peak.
I've got a question about ViewRanger. Did it happen to you that you can't zoom anymore on the maps? It was fine until a couple of days ago, can't remember exactly when I first uploaded this but may be trail expiry date?

Hey Adrian, glad you enjoyed it - quite the views eh? As for ViewRanger, I've stopped using it and use Gaia exclusively now. I find it works that much better.

since they are blocked but for this 2760m hard to match, no doubt, especially the green slopes around.
Thanks for mentioning about Gaia, I just downloaded it, I checked it has this Ochre trip on it, so it should be my replacement for ViewRange (which perhaps expired).

Cheers, have a great week!

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