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Lists, Lists and more Lists


In 2012 I finally completed the so-called "Kane List" (2nd edition). Of course, that wasn't the end of it. I continued to scramble and climb bigger and ever more remote peaks, and plan longer and bigger canoe trips and backpacking adventures. I find myself now entering a somewhat more reflective phase of my peak bagging journey and my life in general. Friends and acquaintances around me have also started completing (competing?) summit lists and have moved on to go ever bigger - completing the 11,000ers list or upping their technical climbing skills. Every day as I ride the crowded c-train to work, I look down at my iPhone screen and am reminded on various social media feeds and blogs, just how free and adventurous many of the people around me seem to be. The question I end up asking myself constantly, is;


!!Attention!! is being updated and trip reports migrated to a new site while this one is still operational. The new version of this trip report can be found at and contains more photos in a modern format. For more information on this move and possible future changes please click here.



Really well written Vern. I've read tons of your TR's but only just read your page/blog. This one in particular rings true with me. Gained a lot more respect for you.

Thanks bud.

Enjoyed the read, would you ever publish a manifesto of sorts? In the same vein as Royal Robbins but geared towards peak bagging?

Hey David, thanks for reading - I'm never sure if anyone bothers with reading my occasional rants. wink I have thought about cleaning this article up a bit and making it more visible but I want to be careful that I'm not just coming across as a "grumpy old guy". It's important to share perspectives without stomping over other people's freedoms or different ways of living their lives. I never know exactly where that line is - it can be a bit tricky.

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