Alberta Climbers on Mount Everest


Update May 12 2015 - An update from Nancy Hansen on the destruction that she has witnessed and the recent 7.4 magnitude quake that struck while she was back in the city.


Update May 02 2015 - The last team on the Nepal side of Everest has called it quits and is staying in Nepal to assist with rescue efforts. The north side of Everest was closed by Chinese officials already earlier and although the Nepal side is officially open, it will not be climbed this year, unless some individuals chopper into camp 1 or camp 2 and climb it on their own from there (like some others did in 2014). Obviously the real story isn't about climbing or climbers, but rather about the hundreds of thousands who lost homes, loved ones and now another season of income. Since this is a climbing site and I was posting about Nancy and Raphael's Everest climbs, this is what I've been updating you on but I will end with one more plea to be generous and donate to reputable charities to assist the Nepalese people in any way we can.


Update April 28 2015 - A note from the head of the ACC;

For those who don’t know, Nancy is fine. She phoned her family on the weekend and we have been receiving periodic emails from her partner, Ralf’s, assistant out of Germany. It sounds like they were on route to advance base camp when the earthquake hit. Unlike the south side and Everest base camp, all parties on the North side are safe and accounted for. Her team arrived at ABC and its unclear now what the plan is. By some accounts the Chinese government is shutting down the season so her decision may be made for her. But again, speculation.


Update April 27 2015 - As you of course know by now, there's been a major earthquake in the Nepal region including Kathmandu and Everest. Please consider donating cash so that the front line aid workers can get their jobs done and make a real difference in the lives of the many thousands who have been affected by this tragedy. So far it seems that Nancy and Rapheal are OK but there are many, many others who are not. Apparently the north side routes and approaches of Everest are also badly damaged and so far it's simply not known what the full impact on the climbers there will be. Of course, the real tragedy isn't a lost climbing opportunity but rather the countless lives in Nepal that have been lost and the countless survivors who will have to go on without loved ones.


Update April 22 2015 - Everest North Side Base Camp. Something to remember is that only FIVE women have ever climbed Everest without supplemental oxygen and there are THREE in Nancy's basecamp tent all attempting it this year. I find this fact more admirable than whether or not they are even successful on their summit bids or not.


Update April 14 2015 - On the road to Everest - Literally!


Update April 04 2015 - Nancy is Approaching Everest now.


Nancy Hansen is well known to most Canadian climbers and rightly so. She has a very impressive climbing resume, including the 54 11,000ers and more of the 50 "classics" than any other human. Nancy is now attempting an impressive climb of the Norton Couloir on the north side of the world's highest mountain with the German alpinist, Ralf Dujmovits. This route only has a few previous ascents, and she is planning to attempt it without supplemental oxygen. She is a true "hardcore" Canadian climber - no Sherpas, ladders or oxygen tanks for her! 


I'll make sure to post updates here as I spot them! Raphael Slawinski is also going to be on Everest at the same time - they're sharing the approach together. He is attempting a new line on the north side of Everest, also without supplemental oxygen.



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