Bragg Creek xCountry Ski


On February 2, 2014 I enjoyed a x-country ski trip with my daughter, Kaycie. After a heavy discussion regarding politics, philosophy and science we spent the next 2+ hours in mostly silence, enjoying the quiet woods as our skis crunched on the cool snow.

We covered about 15km including part of Crystal Line east (went back after encountering a logging road), Iron Springs, including the extra loop on the end, back along Elbow and then completing the Crystal Loop west and back to the parking lot. About half of the trail was freshly track set. Part of Iron Springs is now on an active logging road which sucks a bit but there were fresh tracks to follow at least. The snow conditions were pretty good for the area.

A fantastic day out with my girl - who led a furious pace and didn't stop the whole time, I might add. Truly a chip off the old block... ;)

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