Upper Elk Lake Flood Damage


As indicated by the government of BC on the Elk Lakes Provincial Park website, there is a closure on the trail from the Lower Elk lake to the Upper Elk lake. Since one of the main reasons for visiting Elk Lakes Provincial Park is to do this excellent and very scenic hike (summer or winter), I thought I'd post a 'live' update and some photos for you.

Our family did a winter snowshoe trip from December 22-24 and managed to find a route around the washed out trail. In summer this route would be a nightmare to follow due to bog and bush but is your only way into the area, unless you try from Frozen Lake and cross a pretty fast / deep stream that flows between the upper and lower lakes.

[A bird's eye view of the damaged section (yellow) and our route around it. ]

[A closer view of the same area. ]

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