Wapta Icefields & Bow Summit Map


Mark Klassen, TJ Neault and Chic Scott just completed an update to the old Murray Toft Wapta & Bow Summit ski map. I have received my copy and it's a great resource for anyone planning to ski or climb any of the Wapta peaks or Bow Summit area mountains including (but not limited to),

  • The Wapta Traverse
  • Detailed Balfour High col route
  • Wapta peaks including Balfour, Olive, St. Nicholas, Gordon, Thompson, Rhondda, Habel, Peyto, Trapper, Jimmy Simpson, Mistaya, Patterson, Observation Peak and sub Peaks, Cirque Peak, Dolomite circuit, Hector, Ayesha, Collie and many more!

Get a copy today here.

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