A Good Camera gets Better!


Sony announced the successor to the RX100 today. The impressively named "RX100 Mark II"... :) In case you didn't already know from my many glowing posts regarding this gem of a camera, if you're a climber, backpacker, hiker and / or skier you should buy this camera. Key aspects that are important for people traveling far with large loads;

  • Tiny form factor - fits in a small pouch on your shoulder strap
  • 1" sensor which is much larger than comparable camera's that are actually quite a bit larger than the RX100
  • Fast lens - f/1.8 at 28mm which is perfect for low light / early / late photographs and even astrophotography
  • Excellent image quality and 20 mega pixels to handle huge landscape prints

The detailed specs can be found at depreview.com.

My trip up Amery is a perfect example of where this camera shines. I also used it on my Columbia Icefields ski trips the past year. Here's some samples - click for full size.

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