Upper Kananaskis Lake Loop


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Sunday, June 16, 2013
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On Sunday, June 16 2013 we celebrated Hanneke's birthday and Father's Day with a nice family hike around the Upper Kananaskis Lake. The best way to do this hike (IMHO) is from the Interlakes parking lot in a clockwise direction. This puts the 'boring' section from Interlakes to the Upper Lake parking lot behind you earlier in the day when you're still fresh.

The views on this particular day were sublime and the weather was perfect too.

[Hard to believe I was the 8th summit party to sign the Putnik Register!]

[A gorgeous morning]

[A pano from the trail looking towards Mount Sarrail and Putnik. Indefatigable on the right. Click for full size.]

[The logging of the old valley provides interesting foreground with the low spring level of the resevoir. The water levels are lowered in expectation of run off from the high country - still plastered in snow.]

[Tele of the Aster Lake region - the start of the nicest backpacking trip in K-Country, the Northover Ridge trail.]

[A short break]

[A raging river coming down from near the Rawson Lake turn off]


[I'm not sure I've seen Yellow Violets before - or I didn't notice them anyway! They were all over the trail just before the Point campground.]

[The raging Kananaskis River]

[The river goes on its journey to the lake]

[Impressive Power]

[A beautiful green valley - somewhat ruined by the logging...]

[The river runs towards Upper Kananaskis Lake with Mount Sarrail towering above on the right.]

[We're past the Point campground and hiking on the part of Indefatigable that fell off...]

[I love this desolated area]

[A tele shot of the Aster Lake region from across the lake.]


I'm just getting into hiking, started 2 years ago, at 62 with slow and steady. I lead hikes and love your site . Thank you! Do you happen to have a listing of hikes by elevation and location? Do you have a book?

Hey Debbie, I do have a hikes page but it needs work. That is a good idea, to list by elevation gain, distance and location. I will keep that in mind. I don't have a book - explor8ion.com is my book. And it's free! :)

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