Taylor Lake


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Saturday, August 24, 2013
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Trip Report

On Saturday, August 24 2013 I took my family for a hike to Taylor Lake in Banff National Park. I've been to the summit of Mount Bell and to Boom Lake a few times but never hiked to Taylor. I'd been warned that the hike is a bit boring but we found ourselves with a few hours and some energy and it was this or Bourgeau Lake. We let the boys vote and they used the stats to pick Taylor... (Shorter and less height gain than Bourgeau!!) 

The hike is straightforward, if a bit boring through the forest. If the berries are out I can see bears being an issue but for the most part the bushes were barren on our hike. A good destination for unsettled weather, with good coverage on the trail and a campground at the top near the lake. Also a good solo outing as there's lots of traffic, especially on a weekend. A bit boggy near the lake but otherwise a good half day hike.

[The trail starts off fairly level on a wide road.]

[About 1-2km in the trail narrows and starts getting a bit steeper.]

[Boggy sections are well covered]

[There is some signs of over-use and the trail is worn out in spots but not too bad.]

[Plenty of water along the trail.]

[Near the lake there's an option to another lake and even to traverse to Boom Lake.]

[Pano of Taylor Lake with Mount Bell looming over it. ]

[Lots of room to sit and chill at the lake shore.]

[There are options to skirt the lake and explore.]

[Yes - those are fall colors... :)]

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