Mumm Basin - The Cave - Toboggan Falls


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Thursday, September 26, 2013
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No difficulties - this is just a hike. There are some easy scrambling sections and there are some branches in the trail towards The Cave which might be a bit confusing.

Trip Report

On my second full day in the Berg Lake area I once again woke to a perfectly clear sky. I realized how lucky I was - many folks never see the summit of Robson while in the area and I was getting all kinds of views on my trip! My original plan was to attempt Mumm Peak and I decided to stick with it, especially since I had some fresh beta from a ranger who passed by the Hargreaves cook shelter on Wednesday evening. The ranger had been up Mumm twice and asked me if possible to;


remove the sling that was in the 5.3 chimney to the false summit


Sling? 5.3 chimney? This worried me a bit. I wasn't sure I was prepared to do any solo climbing - I was fine with scrambling but didn't want to push things too far considering all the snow and ice now in the alpine and the fact that I was by myself. I promised him that I'd see what I could do but made no firm commitment on removing the sling in case I needed it!


In order to ascend Mumm Peak, I was going to first ascend the Mumm Basin trail from the Robson Pass campground. This would get me above tree line on a good trail and by ascending it from the Robson Pass CG I would end up right under the easy "dragon back" leading to the snow slopes accessing the summit ridge. On the way back down I would continue on the Mumm Basin trail back to The Cave and Toboggan Falls before going back down to the Berg Lake CG.


After quickly getting to the Robson Pass CG, I easily found the signed trail for Mumm Basin in the campground itself. The trail was easy to follow and soon I was sweating my way uphill in the crisp fall air - frost was on the vegetation all around me. Once I gained tree line I headed up the dragon back to attempt Mumm Peak...


[Robson is reflected in Berg Lake in this early morning shot from near my tent pad.]

[Robson on the left and Whitehorn on the right as I look back on my way to the Robson Pass CG. ++]

[I pass the Ranger cabin on my way to the Robson Pass CG. Mumm Peak on the right.]

[A crisp morning!]

[This shelter is much better than the open-walled shelters at Berg Lake and Whitehorn Campgrounds. The trail to Mumm Basin starts near here.]

[View of Rearguard Mountain from the fire pit at the Robson Pass CG. The camp was closed for the season due to the stream drying up (no water sources!)]

[Another beautiful fall day.]

[I briefly cross back into Alberta...]

[Nearing tree line, looking up the dragon's back to Mumm Peak.]


After my exciting ascent of Mumm Peak it was time for some casual hiking again! I enjoyed the easy Mumm Basin trail as it wound it's way above tree line. There are several options that can take you back to the Berg Lake camp including The Cave, Toboggan Falls and Hargreave Lake loop. I decided to go to The Cave and Toboggan Falls before hitting camp. There are signs at every important junction and a nice shortcut between the Mumm Basin trail and The Cave that saves some time back tracking.


[Great views of Berg Lake and Robson as I descend back into Mumm Basin after climbing Mumm Peak. ++]

[The summit between Anne-Alice and Mumm is unnamed but it's a striking peak and should have a name, IMHO.]

[Half the trail is snowy, the other melted off!]

[Incredible views of Titkana (L), Rearguard (M) and Waffl, Helmet and Robson (R). ++]

[This is the only place where the sign doesn't show all the options. There is, in fact, a third option from here - "The Cave". You can spot a giant cairn behind and up-slope of the sign which indicates the route - it's also a very obvious trail!]


The Cave was cool but I'm claustrophobic so I didn't venture inside it. From The Cave I worked my way easily down the trail to Toboggan Falls. It was on this section that I found a bear print, clearly recently made. This was about the only bear sign I saw on all my tramping around the area but it did make me start yelling every once in a while on blind corners again... :) Toboggan Falls were pretty cool and after some photographs I finally stumbled back to camp and a well-deserved supper!


[I can't get enough of these views!]

[Near The Cave]

[Peering into the Cave. It's actually quite large and you can go a ways into it but I didn't - I'm way too claustrophobic! :)]

[The afternoon was beautiful and warm in the sunshine.]

[Bear prints! Fairly fresh too...]

[Toboggan Creek was pretty cool - lots of different falls and erosion making for some interesting photographs.]

[Toboggan Creek feeds down to Berg Lake.]

[Some sections were well-worn and almost totally water-free]

[Toboggan Falls]


I spent the evening chatting with folks from Europe and Canada who, just like me, were looking for some quiet time away from the normal bustle of everyday life. We built a nice warm fire in the wood stove and I stayed up late to capture Robson and the Milky Way - a photo that turned out much better than I was expecting!


[Back at Hargreaves Shelter for supper and a relaxing evening by the wood stove. I saw my first Pine Martin in the shelter too...]

[The setting sun lights up the lower Berg Glacier]

[My favorite shot from the trip - Waffl, Helmet, the Berg Glacier and Mount Robson with the Milky way and even a shooting star!]


The following morning dawned grey and cold with rain and sleet coming down over Mount Robson so I decided to return to civilization rather than stay another day.

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