Channel Ridge


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Sunday, February 28, 2016
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The main difficulty on this hike is crossing the Sheep River - best to do it in late winter when it's still frozen but the ridge is snow free.

Trip Report

After crossing the Sheep River and ascending the very easy Wolf Creek Hill, I turned my attention to Channel Ridge to the SE. Interestingly, I could find no other trip reports on this ridge so I was on my own when it came to beta - a rare thing for easy front range ridge hikes (and one of the main reasons it interested me). NOTE: After getting home I realized that Matt Clay calls this ridge 'Wolf Creek Ridge' and I also realized that Wietse and Dave S. did the exact same hike the day previous and built the pathetic looking cairn! :)


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Hi Vern, I was one of the three(the taller lady), that met you on Channel Ridge on the 28th. I was also the one who started out at the same time at the Highwood Gate when you set out to Cat Creek on the 21st. What a coincidence!

I really enjoyed looking at your sight! Wow!

There is just one thing I have to tell you, they are all Aspens, not Birch trees. :))

Hey Mady! Thanks for the correction on the type of tree. I knew Birch was wrong but couldn't think of the alternative... :) Nice meeting you too - and that's funny that we met two weekends in a row in completely different areas. See you again next weekend? :) LOVE your paintings BTW - very nice.

Hey Vern, Brad from Rec Hockey. Followed your route for this on Wednesday. Excellent hike with fantastic views all along the ridge. Able to cross the frozen Sheep River made this an excellent choice this time of year. Thanks for the details and the GPX file (very useful on the ridge access)!!

No problem Brad! Glad the beta helped out.

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