Boom Lake


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Sunday, June 30, 2013
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After hiking the Stanley Glacier trail (and beyond) the day before, in 28 degree temperatures, Niko (my son) voted for an easier day on Sunday, June 30 2013. I had narrowed our destination into two choices, either Arnica Lake or Boom Lake. It didn't take long for Niko to choose.

Boom Lake.

This hike is riduculously easy and you are rewarded with great views at the lake. I have to say though, after the wildflowers, hanging glaciers and thundering waterfalls of the Stanley Glacier hike the day before, Boom Lake was kind of a let down. I also swore never to do this hike again after suffering a flu-ridden summit push for Mount Bell years ago! There are very few views off the approach, it was much muddier than Stanley Glacier and had MUCH fewer wild flowers - almost none! Strange, considering they're only a few km apart - the burn must make a huge difference on the Stanley Glacier flora by letting in much more delicious sunlight.

I'd recommend Boom on a hot sunny day when you want shade, and Stanley Glacier on a cooler, or slightly cloudy day like we had.

[Gizmo gets a free ride!]

[A gorgeous day - but not many flowers on this side of the valley!]

[The trail was pretty wet in places - the boardwalk sections are short but welcome.]

[Boom Lake with Boom Mountain rising above.]

[Looking towards the end of the lake (west). A young man was catching fish off these rocks.]

[No flowers so I started looking for other things to take photos of...]

[It's a MIRACLE! I found a FLOWER! :)]


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