Nomad, Mount


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Friday, October 9, 2015
Summit Elevation (m): 
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No difficulties - this one is a hike.

Trip Report

On Friday, October 09 2015 Phil Richards and I decided that we should do a "pre-turkey" workout. Well, actually only I decided that, since Phil doesn't eat turkey, but you get the point. Originally the weather was looking perfect. Naturally, as the day approached the weather deteriorated a bit but still looked reasonable enough to make the effort. We downgraded our original plans a bit and settled on Mount Nomad in Kananaskis Country, near the Upper Kananaskis Lake and Mount Indefatigable.


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I have planned a trip for tomorrow here, and will investigate if there is a reasonable approach for Mt Warspite or others from this South side, it would be quite something. I also noticed and am aware of the grizzlies that frequent this area.

Good luck! Hopefully there's not too much snow, especially on the far side of the first ridge that you cross and descend towards Nomad Lake. There is absolutely a viable route to Warspite from this side. See this photo for proof. :)

Hello, I am planning to add this to my list of mountains, would it be possible to reach nomad by walking up the creek bed of invincible creek?

Hi, I've heard that the creekbed is a pretty intense bushwhack. Let me know how it goes. :)

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