Potts, Mount


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Sunday, July 15, 2018
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Class 4 : you fall, you are almost dead
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Like getting slowly boiled, Potts starts off easy and ends hard and you're not sure how it happened. The steep, loose gully to the summit ridge is quite dangerous for rockfall and should be respected in this regard. I would not go anywhere near this route with a group of more than 2 experienced scramblers.

Trip Report

After getting a request from Grant Myers to scramble Mount Potts and also after looking at it on our approach to Mount Denny earlier in 2018, it was on my radar for an ascent at some point this year. Kane describes this peak as "much more difficult than Denny" and even suggests combining it with that peak for a long two peak day. Normally I would be very keen on a two peak day, but Mount Denny was perfect for a trip on its own and I loved the approach trail up Grizzly Creek anyway, and didn't mind coming back.


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Hey there Vern,

Glad you had a clear, blue & uneventful day on Potts! Thx for the nod/credit in your write-up. It looks like we hit the exact same gully. Loved the ridgewalk after the gully.

I did Denny right after Potts and found it to be very draining and MUCH slower, despite it being easier. Your Potts ascent time was very close to mine yet it took me almost 13 hours to combine it with Denny...yikes! (I'm embarrassed!)

Keep posting!


Good write-up Vern. I just went back up to the area (not the summit tho!) to investigate and will update my description in future book printings to emphasize the looseness/rockfall hazard and mention those 2 rock bands. I don't recall the gully being that bad when we were there, (2000) but maybe those 2013 rains loosened more stuff. Seems every ascent/descent gully on Rockies peaks is worse since that event, and I've repeated many ascents/descents to confirm that. Or maybe I just don't remember this being so loose---there have been so many loose gullies in my mind...Cheers!

No problem Alan - things change a lot over the years I'm sure. What isn't loose in the Rockies right? :)

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