Fryatt, Mount


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Sunday, August 26, 2012
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Class 5 : you fall, you are dead
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Typical Rockies 11,000er with loose access slopes, some decent 5.4 climbing on grippy limestone and then more loose rock to the summit. :)

Trip Report

On August 25/26 I joined Kevin Barton and Eric Coulthard for a trip up Mount Fryatt in Jasper National Park. This mountain has been on my radar for a number of years due to its remoteness and the beautiful bivy site that was rumored to exist under the SW face. When Raf climbed Fryatt back in 2009 I was quite disappointed that I couldn't join him.


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Your report and your photos are inspirational - thank you for taking the time, They make me want to scramble up as much of the mountain as I can this summer on the anniversary of my ancestor's murder. where is the Sydney Vallence hut in your description? will I be able to reach the hut without any technical climbing skills?

You're welcome! The Sydney Vallence hut is another route and I believe is hiking to get there. I think it's one valley to the south from our route.

I'm a hiker not a climber, and somehow stumbled across this, and so glad I did!! This has got to be the most SPECTACULAR trip-report I've ever seen, thanks for sharing the incredible photos!

I've only gone as far as the second lake so far, lol...

Thanks Hank! You should definitely hike past the fifth lake and up into the alpine meadows sometime. The views can't be respresented with photos, you have to experience them.

Vern - this must be one of the finer mountains in Jasper, if not the entire Canadian Rockies. Very complex and long but you guys' photos reveal an amazing trip up.
Having just returned from a Jasper trip when we did the Fryatt Valley backpack, as well as the Edith Cavell West Ridge climb/scramble, I can attest to how awesome the whole area is. My friends were quoting your site from time to time. - After Mt. Edith Cavell, I'm now thinking of comparatively harder peaks, including Fryatt.

Hey Jan, I agree that this is a top area and amazing alpine objective. I dreamt about it for many years before getting in there and it was everything I thought it would be - and more!

Thanks for the report and the outstanding photos. I have been to the Fryatt Hut, and Mt. Fryatt is a favorite of mine in Jasper. This inspires me to do at least the Fryatt/Geraldine traverse route, if not work up to the climb of Fryatt it self. Good work!

Thanks Curt! Fryatt was always on my "dream list" and along with Assiniboine is still one of my top rated climbs. I loved everything about that mountain. You should definitely stand on the summit some day. Cheers!

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