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Saturday, November 30, 2013
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On the last day of November, 2013, I decided to take the kids out to try their new snowshoes. We are planning a back country ACC hut trip in December so they have to get used to the fine art of 'shoeing... :)

I hadn't been up to Chester Lake since the June floods and the start of the trail was confusing with the new river channel where the road used to be... Don't take the first snowshoe track to the right, but rather go left across the deep channel and up the road trending climber's left. There is a snowshoe track going off the road to the right, pretty soon after crossing the deep channel. Take this track. When the track splits again, either go up the road the rest of the way by taking the left branch, or go up the snowshoe track to the lake by keeping straight.

We did a nice loop, ascending on the road and coming back on the 'shoe track. The road is less steep and is nicer for ascent but you have to watch for descending skiers. The weather was perfect and the kids really took to snowshoeing.

[We took the right (wrong!) branch first]

[Winter is a lovely season to be out in the mountains]

[Getting higher and trail flattens out a bit]

[A group practices avalanche rescue with Little Chester in the background]

[The flats before Chester Lake]

[The outflow from Chester Lake isn't frozen]

[Lunch at the lake]

[Gusty Peak rises into the clouds beyond the frozen lake]

[We crossed the outflow stream in order to link up with the official snowshoe track, which we followed back down to the parking lot.]

[There was a large group learning avalanche safety in the Chester Lake meadows.]

[The 'shoe track is nicer than the road but is fairly steep in spots.]

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