Field, Mount

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OT - Off-Trail Skiing
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Named in 1883. Field, Cyrus West (As a guest of the CPR which was then under construction, Cyrus Field visited the "end of steel" in 1884 which was then in the area of the present town of Field. Cyrus Field was a promoter of the first trans-Atlantic cable.) Official name. (info from

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Saturday, March 10, 2018
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Finally on March 10 of 2018 I managed to ski a peak that's been on my hit-list for many years. 13 years ago, I'd scrambled Mount Field in Yoho National Park from a weird approach (the Stanley Mitchell Hut) with the infamous Dave Stephens. Since then a lot of my mountain friends had skied the peak from the opposite side and highly recommended it to me. Of course, because I'm a peak bagger I don't normally like to repeat summits, but if the mode and route of the peak being bagged is completely different, it can be worth a second trip. In this case it was certainly worth it. wink


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Class 2 : you fall, you sprain your wrist
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As a ski trip this outing involves traveling through and in some serious avalanche terrain - take normal precautions. Otherwise this is an easy scramble on a good trail almost the entire way - note this is a completely different route!