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This is the RMBooks Forum Archive. 

RMBooks was a local forum that operated as a trip report and discussion area for many Calgarians as an alternative to other, more formal groups such as the ACC or COC. Due to technology constraints the forum was shut down in April 2010 and a new forum was started. Unfortunately in the process, thousands of posts, trip reports and lively discussions were about to be lost.

I went onto the forum just days before it's demise and rescued what I believe to be the most important information in the Backcountry Skiing, Scrambling and Alpine Climbing forums. It isn't pretty but you should be able to filter what you're interested in by activity and then mountain or feature name. Clicking on that link will bring up all related posts (across various threads) for that topic. You can use CTRL-F (find) to search within the text for more information.

Obviously this information will be more and more out-of-date the further it gets from 2010, but many of the trip reports should remain valid until the next ice age.

Alpine Climbing

Ski Mountaineering


Click on the following links to bring up all archived posts from the RMBooks forum. These posts are all previous to April 15 2010.